The Brisket Mast​er


Smoke Done Right 

Every time

Whole Hickory Smoked Briskets are $12/pound.


Available year round, but must pre-order. 

Delivery available in the Colorado Springs, CO area, 

or you can pick it up.

Holidays, Family Gatherings, Parties, Corporate Events

Flippin' Smoke​


(We) couldn't stop raving about the incredible taste and texture of that brisket!  My man, you have a GIFT!  Thank you for sharing what is obviously a well honed skill and passion of yours.

-Matthew C.

You got a MAJOR 2 thumbs up from each person in our family.  Thank you so very much.

-Yvette T.

The brisket was a big hit, everyone really enjoyed it. Thank You and Merry Christmas!

-Rich C.

Thank you for my brisket.  My family and I LOVE IT!  Each bite we had was SO YUMMY!  So tender, so GOOD!  Will re-order for sure pretty soon!

-Victor R.

This brisket is amazing, not even a crumb left.   It was such a hit!

-Vickie K.

Kelly's brisket is outstanding.  The man knows his way around the grill and with smoked meats.   Not getting to eat this now as I moved out of state is depressing!

-Mark R.

I agree with Mark, Kelly's culinary skills with grilled/smoked meat is amazing!

-Curt D.

Kelly's brisket is just incredible.  You need to try it!

-Malcolm S.

Your brisket is the best tasting brisket I've ever had. Moist, juicy, the best seasoning I've ever tasted on a brisket.  Beats any commercial restaurant I've had anywhere.  Anyone who is looking for a brisket for a party would be nuts to get anyone else's.  Can I preorder one now for our Superbowl party I so I don't miss out?

-Ray M.

This is the best brisket I have ever eaten in my life!  Words about how wonderful it is, do not do it justice!!

-Lisa M.

Okay, first, Kelly is from Texas so that should be enough said since brisket is in their blood, but the care and quality is off the hook.   I have been fortunate to eat it on several occasions and always the best I have ever had even in Texas.  I highly recommend it and at this price, a slam dunk for your event or just to enjoy with your family.  Yummo!

-Steve M.

Just wanted you to know that the brisket was a big hit with everyone.  Best we've had in years.

-Pat A.