The Brisket Mast‚Äčer


World Class Whole Hickory Smoked Briskets

19.88 pounds of smoke

I've been smoking large briskets for over 20 years now, and I'd put them up against any brisket anywhere.

The brisket we smoke is important to us. We source all our briskets from 

Ranch Foods Direct.

Our briskets are from 

Kobe style Wagyu-Angus cattle that are 

humanely raised,

antibiotic and hormone free, dry-aged at least 7 days, and locally sourced. Quality, taste, and tenderness are off the charts. 

We are a source for locally-owned restaurants, food trucks, and caterers in the Colorado Springs area. If that's you and you'd like to add a really, really good brisket to your menu, we should connect. Also great for family gatherings, parties, and corporate events.