The Brisket Mast‚Äčer


World Class 

Hickory Smoked Briskets,

Ribs, and Pork Butts

No other smoked meat creates a reaction quite like a really, really good brisket. What I love most about smoking brisket is the look on people's faces after that first bite.

You can't fake that look.

You can't force it. 

It's genuine. Authentic. Real. 

Intoxicating even. 

You don't get that from an "okay" brisket. It only comes from the passion to create a masterpiece.

-The Brisket Master-

-The Art of Brisket-

If your restaurant doesn't offer brisket 

on the menu, we should talk.

I am happy to provide a professional sample. 

Quality, taste, and tenderness are 


Great for family gatherings, parties, and corporate events.